Update construction progress of Myanmar Meranti project’s Ruby in Jan 2019

By the end of Jan 2019, at the Myanmar Meranti project’s Ruby of Meranti Ltd., INVESTCORP Myanmar is continuing to implement brickwork of some auxiliary houses and finish concrete surface of the cable trough. Painting work has started being implemented.

For the additional PIT in the workshop, at present, INVESTCORP Myanmar has cast 70% of the workload and is carried out the RC work and formwork of the foundation base and walls. Excavation and backfilling work of the remaining PIT is also implemented in parallel and is expected to be completed in Feb 2019.

At the main workshop, relating items such as casting concrete around PIT is completed according to each area. Painting and finishing works of the toilet areas are also finished 98% of the plastering work. Some of other finishing works will be carried out in the next time.