Update construction progress of HTMP mold and plastic part manufacturing project in Jan 2019

By the end of Jan 2019, at the office area, INVESTCORP is proceeding finishing works such as tiling, painting, ceiling and partition, installation of doors, windows and aluminum cladding. As expected, the whole office will be finished on Feb 2, 2019.

At the workshop, at present, all of the structure has been done to move to finishing work. It is expected that all items will be basically completed on Feb 2, 2019. Some other items such as floor hardening and external painting work will be completed on Feb 25, 2019 as planned schedule.

Outdoor items such as manhole installation and concrete roads will be finished 50% workload before the Tet holidays. Some other items and the remaining roads will be finished by Feb 25, 2019.

As expected, all of the project will be handed over to the Owner on Mar 1, 2019 after nearly 7 months of construction.