Update construction progress of Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong in Mar 2018

In March 2018, at the Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong, 90% of the slab and beam area of Block 1 was done by INVESTCORP to meet the handover progress by the end of July 2018.

At present, in addition to implementing the rest building work, INVESTCORP has moved to proceed finish work such as wall plastering, finish of staircase area, elevators… Items on the Parapet roof, attic for staircase and working deck are also completed following successive method. Plastering work of external production building and office building are being surveyed to prepare for construction in the next stage.

As expectation, slab and beam concrete work of the whole Block 1 will be completed by 10 Arp 2018 to hold the roof-sealing ceremony on 11 Apr 2018 ahead of schedule.

At Block 2, ground and foundation works and all column work of the 1st floor have been finished. It is expected that the slab and beam of the 2nd floor will be carried out at the beginning of Apr 2018.

At Canteen area, foundation, ground and column works are also completed by INVESTCORP and are carried out brickwork. Outside items such as water tank and waste water treatment are basically finished.