Update construction progress of Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong in Sep 2018

By the end of Sep 2018, the whole Production building 1, Canteen, parking house and auxiliary outdoor items such as main gate, guardhouse, internal road etc. under Block 1 of the Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong have been completed by INVESTCORP and handed over to the Owner to put in use. The Office building No.1 is also partly handed over to the Owner.

At the same time of handing over the Block 1, INVESTCTORP continues urgently constructing the Block 2 of the project. At the Production building No. 3&4 and the Office building No. 2, the indoor brickwork and plastering work have been done. Painting the ceiling beam, tiling the toilet area and staircase have also been finished to 90%. At present, INVESTCORP is focusing on outdoor painting work, installation of windows, doors and stair handrail. Roof waterproofing work and finish of toilets will have be finished by 10 Oct 2018.

The outdoor items of the Block 2 such as rainwater drainage system, fence and internal road etc. are also basically finished.

It is expected by the end of Oct 2018, the whole Block 2 will be completed by INVESTCORP to accept and hand over to the Owner.