Update construction progress of HTMP mold and plastic part manufacturing project in Oct 2018

In Oct 2018, all the reinforced concrete structure at the office area of the HTMP mold and plastic part manufacturing project were completed by INVESTCORP. At the moment, INVESTCORP is preparing for the brickwork and assembly of the steel structure.

At the factory area, the concrete of foundation framework and foundation brace has been finished, the pile’s concrete has also reached 60% and the base levelling has reached 50% of the workload. For the slab structure of the 2nd floor, 4 of 12 areas have been cast concrete by INVESTCORP.

At the parking house and some other outdoor items, INVESTCORP has completed installation of the whole main steel structure of the parking house; continued to implement the aggregate work for internal road; completed 40% of the brick and plastering works of the fence; prepare to cast concrete of the water tank on Nov 2, 2018. As expected, the roof work and construction of the deck for the parking house will be completed on Nov 7, 2018 to continue finishing other works.