Update construction progress of Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong in Feb 2018

In Feb 2018, the Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong was continued to be executed by INVESTCORP with their best effort to meet the plan.

In the first ten days of the month, at Block 1, the Contractor had constructed more than 7000m3 of concrete equal to 40,000m2 of beam and slab formwork. Besides, painting and skimcoat work, beam and ceiling, and plastering for brickwork were also continued to implement.

At Block 2, 18,000m2 of floor and entire columns at the 1st floor of the Production building No 3&4, Office building No.2 had been finished to move to the next beam and slap work.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, the whole site and employees were secured by the guards 24/7. Right after the New Year holiday, the project was promtly resume to construct to ensure the project progress.

At present, INVESTCORP continues to complete beam and slab items of the two Blocks and prepare for the following finish work.