Construction progress of Vientiane (Laos) international airport terminal expansion project in April 2018

In Apr 2018, all internal and auxiliary items of the International passenger terminal West (IPTB West) of the Vientiane (Laos) international airport terminal expansion project have been handed over to the Owner by INVESTCORP.

At the International passenger terminal East (IPTB East), on 3 May 2015, INVESTCORP will hand over the front platform roof to the Owner for using the whole Eastern area.

At the International concourse, beside the second and third floors have been handed over, INVESTCORP continues to hand over 70% of the workload at the first floor while simultaneously deploying floor and ceiling of the first floor.

At the Existing passenger terminal, 60% of the workload has been handed over and according to the latest progress of the Owner, the entire work will be handed over on June 30, 2018.