Update construction progress of Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong in April 2018

By the end of April 2018, at Block 1 of the Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong, INVESTCORP completed all reinforced concrete works for the slabs and beams of the production No 1&2 and held the topping out ceremony of the Block 1 on 11 Apr 2018 ahead of schedule.

At the present time, finishing work of the production building No 1&2 and office No.1 is being rushed to deploy and completed to 80% of the building work. Other works such as painting and skimcoat of the ceiling, beams and walls, external plastering are also being carried out in parallel. In addition, INVESTCORP is also planning to complete finishing works such as toilet tiling, stairs, door systems, glass partitions and gypsum ceiling.

At Block 2, INVESTCORP is implementing beam and slab concrete. Formwork assembly, reinforced assembly and pouring concrete continue being carried out in accordance with the schedule and quality required by the Owner.

For auxiliary items, INVESTCORP has completed the wastewater treatment tank and Canteen roof. The external drainage systems are also being proceeded at the same time with the sample fence system.

It is expected in May 2018, all internal building and painting works of the production building No. 1&2 and office No. 1 will be finished to move to implement the next finishing works.