Update construction progress of Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong in May 2018

In May 2018, at the Wearing apparels manufacturing project – Ramatex Hai Phong, all items of the Block 1 were urgently implemented by INVESTCORP. Internal and external plastering work have been basically finished. Skimcoat and painting work have been completed up to 80%. At present, tiling work of staircase and toilet, waterproofing work for roof of the office and production buildings are starting to be implemented. Other finishing works such as ceiling, gypsum partition, aluminum cladding, aluminum door and partition are being fabricated and will be installed in June 2018. The office’s elevator has been basically finished installation for commissioning at the beginning of June 2018. Outdoor works such as guardhouse, fence; rainwater and wastewater drainage system are in the process to meet the hand-over schedule of Block 1 at the end of July 2018.

At Block 2, 50% of the slab and beam concrete of the production buildings 3&4 has been completed. Brickwork is also in progress together with grinding and painting work of the beam and ceiling. It is expected, the whole Block 2 will have been finished and handed over to the Owner by the end of 30 November 2018.