Update construction progress of HTMP mold and plastic part manufacturing project in Sep 2018

By the end of Sep 2018, all piling work at the HTMP mold and plastic part manufacturing project has been finished by INVESTCORP to move to next construction items.

At the office area, INVESTCORP has completed foundation framework, foundation bracing and the 1st floor ground and columns.  It is expected that casting concrete of the 2nd floor slab will be implemented on 2 Oct 2018.

At the production area, INVESTCORP has finished 80% of concrete volume of the foundation framework and bracing. The column concrete has also completed 40%. At the moment, INVESTCORP is preparing layout plan for the 2nd floor slab including 12 areas. Of which, the 1st area will be cast concrete on 8 Oct 2018.

Piling work of the parking house has been finished and its foundation will be excavated on 29 Sep 2018. Other outdoor items such as internal road is under construction of aggregate, fence has been done 10% and septic tank has been excavated and cast lean concrete.