General Introduction

Investment and Development Construction Industrial Corporation – INVESTCORP is a construction company deeply specializing in constructing industrial works, established in 2004 and formerly known as Hanoi Investment and Development Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1. With slogan “Safety – Quality – Progress – Environmental Friendliness”, during the process of operation, INVESTCORP has directly executed and excellently completed many big projects with foreign direct investment.

With a dynamic, creative and experienced leadership, highly-qualified technicians and skilled workers, INVESTCORP is more and more developing and expanding its scope of operations nationwide. Thanks to the continuous development effort and experience in the construction industry, the Company has now established a solid position and received the trust of domestic and international partners, becoming the leading choice in the field of construction in Vietnam.


      1- Name of enterprise:
            –          In Vietnamese: Công ty Cổ phần Đầu tư và Phát triển Xây dựng Công nghiệp
            –          In English: Investment and Development Construction Industrial Corporation.
            –          In abbreviation: INVESTCORP.

      2- Address:
            –          Headquarter: INVESTCORP Building, Lot D31, Van Phuc Road, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi City, Viet Nam.
            –          R.Office in Laos: No 280, Luang Prabang Rd, Muangvathong Village, Sikottabong Dist, Vientiane, Lao PRD

      3- Tax code: 0104976614

      4- Contact:
            –          Phone: (84-24) 37955050 – 3566 8888
            –          Fax: (84-24) 3795 5151
            –          Email:

      5- Some main business lines:
            –          Housing Construction.
            –          Construction of railway and road projects.
            –          Construction of social building works.
            –          Construction of other civil engineering works.
            –          Demolition.
            –          Site preparation.
            –          Installation of electrical systems.
            –          Installation of water supply and drainage, heating and air conditioning.
            –          Finishing work.
            –          Other specialized construction activities.
            –          Installation of machinery and industrial equipment.
            –         …

      6- Financial Information:
            –          Chartered capital: VND 60,000,000,000 (Sixty billion Vietnam dong).
            –          Value per share: VND 10,000 (Ten thousand Vietnam dong).
            –          Total number of shares: 6,000,000
            –          Total number of authorized shares: 0
            –          Legal capital: 0 VNĐ (Zero Vietnam dong).

      7- Member companies:
             7.1 Investcorp Myanmar Co., Ltd.
                        –           Date of establishment: 18/01/2017.
                        –           Business Code: 950FC / 2016-2017.
                        –           Address: No. 192, Ninth Floor, Myanma Centre, Bahan Town, Yangon, Myanmar.

Introduction video about Investcorp.