Safety policies

Labor safety is always the top priority criteria of INVESTCORP's Board of Directors to ensure safety for each employee in the Company and ensure business and production efficiency. Safety regulations are always strictly adhered to at all times. Employees must abide by the Company's regulations and perform their jobs to ensure safety.

Compliance with the principles of labor safety, environmental hygiene and occupational health is reflected in the following activities:

  • Arrange to use manpower properly.
  • Strengthen and stabilize machinery of occupational safety and hygiene. Gradually improve the quality and create conditions for the staffs who work on occupational safety and hygiene to be trained to improve, propagated and fostered knowledge about occupational safety and hygiene.
  • Clearly assign and decentralize in occupational safety and hygiene, ensure that each manager is aware of his tasks.
  • Improve working conditions, well perform the healthcare of workers.
  • Build the sanctions for management of occupational safety and hygiene and violation handle.
  • Organize to manage the production scientifically and reasonably.
  • Overcome shortcomings in design and construction, take basic techniques as the key factor.
  • Select appropriate equipment and technologies to meet national standards and regulations.