Recruitment of Project Director

Gender: Male.

Job description:

  • Overall project management: Make plans for project operation and construction. Organize activities, manage and control projects in accordance with requirements and orientation of the Company. Coordinate with relevant departments within the Company to ensure that projects are smoothly carried out from the beginning until finishing all relating paper works.
  • Highest representative of the Company at the project:
  • Being spokesman of the Company at the project to deal with related parties such as Owners, Consultants, construction teams, subcontractors …
  • On behalf of the Company to work with relevant authorities during project implementation.
  • On behalf of the Company to decide issues relating to project.
  • General project management:
  • Make overall plan for the project.
  • Chairman of meetings between construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Make and propose to the BOD construction plans, rules and policies applied to each project.
  • Control progress of construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Directly work and negotiate with client about progress, quality, volume, additional costs of the project.
  • Control and confirm changes with construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Update accurate information about the project operation with the BOD.
  • Review work done after finishing the project, organize meetings to draw experiences and suggestions for the following projects.
  • Managing project progress:
  • Check and review weekly and monthly progress prepared by construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Review overall project progress to have timely adjustments in progress of related parties.  Ensure that the project is carried out as agreed with client.
  • Coordinate progress of related parties to ensure works are not overlap, affecting project progress and quality.
  • Report weekly progress of the project to the BOD.
  • Quality management:
  • Check and approve construction methods for each task prepared by construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Propose construction methods to speed up project progress and reduce construction costs.
  • Check design documents, technical drawings to discuss with customers.
  • Supervise internal acceptance in accordance with process and technical requirements of construction category.
  • Submit the BOD materials used for the project.
  • Confirm materials used for the project with customer.
  • Control materials used by construction teams and subcontractors on specifications, types, quality … in accordance with the ones confirming with customer.
  • Check, evaluate quality and direction to adjust weekly project implementation with construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Fine new construction methods and materials to advise the BOD to use for the project.
  • Sign for approval of the project quality documents before submission to customers.
  • Safety management:
  • Instruct the safety department, construction teams and subcontractors to follow the Company’s safety regulations.
  • Be together with the safety department to review, evaluate and check safety measures for all construction works taking place at the project.
  • Direct the safety department to complete safety documents as the Company’s requirements.
  • Review and evaluate the post-project safety performance, organize meetings to draw experiences and recommendations for the following projects.
  • Cost and Risk Management:
  • Receive lump-sum estimated value from the QS department.
  • Manage work items and lump-sum estimated value.
  • Be together with team leaders directly negotiate and agree to contracts with suppliers of materials and machinery.
  • Be together with the QS department to make payment documents to customers.
  • Be together with the QS department to confirm completed quantity with construction teams, subcontracts and submit to the BOD for approval.
  • Sign for approval of completed values of construction teams and subcontractors.
  • Controls variation during the project implementation process and timely report to the BOD to make decision.
  • Negotiate with clients on non-contractual works.
  • Foresee risks that may occur at site. Analyze and assess risks, influence and damage value of risks. Timely report to the BOD to have measures for risk prevention.
  • Image and Media Management:
  • On behalf of the BOD, supervise and speed up the implementation of “Personnel Regulations” at the project.
  • Ensure the project in compliance with the Company’s “Site Management Model”.
  • Be together with the Company’s Communications department and advise them on the contents and images posted on the website.
  • To propose policies, prepare and improve procedures, forms and records relating to project management.
  • Search for projects and participate in bidding the Company’s projects:
  • Search for new projects for the Company.
  • Be together with the Company’s departments in bidding of new projects.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the Company’s BOD.


  • Graduate from related universities.
  • At least 3 years of experience at the same position.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Be able to work overtime.
  • Have extensive knowledge in the field of construction.
  • Excellent skills in analysis, synthesis and planning.
  • Good at negotiating, persuading and influencing.
  • Good at building and maintaining relationships.
  • Be cautious, assertive and rigorous at work.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks in parallel.
  • Be friendly, open and sociable.

Work location: Hanoi and neighboring provinces within 300km.

Salary: Negotiation.

Contact: Ms. Do Thu Hien – (84-24) 3566.8888

Deadline: 25/10/2017.

Add: HR-Admin Department – INVESTCORP Building, Lot D31, Van Phuc St, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, Vietnam.